Empowering Founders to Create Wealth and Sustainable Jobs in the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Collaboration across Brainware companies reduces overall risks and speeds up time to market for our Founders.

Brainware provides a guided framework and proven methodology for individuals to join together and rally behind clearly articulated goals to change their future. We focus on tangible operating success, profitability during the initial build out phase and provide our companies options to fund growth with less dilutive capital infusion.

The initial Brainware operating entities have been developed into a platform providing the fundamental building blocks to build modern, data driven companies.

Cience Helpware eTeam Armatic Sapience Hirebook
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“Brainware provides solid fundamental building blocks to build companies.”

Andy Steuer, CEO Helpware
a Brainware Founder since 2016
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“Collaboration with other Brainware companies creates insights and pushes all companies forward.”

Casey Griswold, Founder Armatic
a Brainware Founder since 2016
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“Brainware helps companies get through the early stage quickly and into a the growth phase.”

John Girard, CEO Cience
a Brainware Founder since 2016
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“Brainware allows Founders to focus on their business by providing operations and even sales services.”

Sergii Shanin, Founder eTeam
a Brainware Founder since 2016