What is your name and what is your role?

My name is Thomas Cornelius, I’m the founder and managing partner at Brainware Ventures.

Why did you start Brainware?

I started Brainware right after I sold my last business.  I wanted to create an environment that has less risk for founders to start new companies.  We reduce risks for founders based on the structure and the foundation of Brainware.

What is your long-term plan?

We have a 10 year plan. The first couple of years are all about building services companies that help others to grow and build their businesses. If you will, instead of us digging for gold we’re selling the shovels. And these services companies that we build have a common theme, they let their customers focus on their business and not the ancillary stuff that drags them down.  As a Brainware founder, you don’t need to worry too much about your finances, your operations, your customer service, your sales, you can lean into established Brainware companies that have done this and are sister companies. These Brainware companies provide a foundation, that gives you an edge to other companies that start from zero.

What is unique about Brainware?

Brainware is a platform where we provide entrepreneurs mentorship and being able to lean on a framework of companies, resources of others that allow you to build your business faster and not be alone. The philosophy around Brainware is that we believe in providing opportunity, in the ability to do anything that you want to do regardless of your background, and regardless where in the world you are located. We have founders out of the U.S., out of Europe, out of Asia and we are a group of people that come together that lean into each other to help each other to level up and build their businesses.

What is different about the current times?

The current times are amazing for Brainware because there’s this inflection point where you have lower capital requirements and the time to market, to test an idea from start to product/market fit is so much faster and combining that with the right people and a platform where you have operations support, sales support, financial support and engineering support allows us to be just very fast.

How do you recognize a great Founder?

There is one formula for a great founder, there is none. There’s really only the unique circumstance of the business we want to build together and the ability for individuals in our Brainware organizations to just rise to the top.  Define an idea, but not just the ideas but as well the ability to execute and the power to show others around them that they are really leaders.  



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