What is your name and your role?

My name is Max Golovnia and I’m the CTO and co-founder of Armatic.

What does Armatic do?

Armatic helps companies to automate every aspect of their revenue lifecycle. From initial quotation, contract e-signing, invoice or subscription creation, to automated customer follow up for accounts receivable management and payments.

How did you get involved in Brainware?

Prior to Armatic, I had spent four years building applications for the largest retailers in the world like Walmart, Best Buy, Target, among many others. I joined Brainware to tackle a big problem, to help companies reduce the time it takes to get paid and increase performance by automating their billing processes. This is exactly why we founded Armatic.

What appealed to your about Brainware?

Being part of Brainware is such a unique advantage. Everything here is all about synergy. Collaboration with other sister companies creates so much value for all members of the Brainware family and pushes all companies forward.



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