What are your name and your role?

My name is Sergii and I’m a co-founder of eTeam.

What is your role at eTeam?

My role at eTeam is to build effective and long-lasting relationship with our clients and make sure that our services fulfill their needs.

What did you do prior to starting eTeam?

Prior to becoming the founder, I spent seven years working as a project manager in different IT companies, from small startups to a member of Fortune 500.

Why did you join Brainware?

I joined Brainware to manage Cashtie, one of the products that were developed there and allowed the users to load funds or pay their bills at any retailer nationwide. When the startup was acquired, I was offered to build a company that would provide development services and helps other companies grow using our previous experience with Cashtie and other Brainware products.

What is eTeam’s focus?

Today, eTeam is a growing software development company that unites tech professionals from the U.S., Ukraine, Brazil, and Spain. Our client list includes large enterprises as well as smaller startups, two of which had even gone through 500 Startups accelerator program.

How did Brainware help you reach your goals?

We wouldn’t have achieved those results without the day-to-day help from other members of the Brainware family. Brainware has a unique environment that allows all founders to focus on developing their businesses by providing legal, accounting, recruiting, and even sales support. This builds a platform that accelerates the launch of new products and companies.  



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