What is your name and your role:

I’m Michael Maynes, Head of Sales at Cience.

How did you get involved in Brainware:

I got involved in Cience and Brainware through Thomas Cornelius. I met Thomas through a mutual friend, another Brainware Founder Casey Griswold. At the time, my background was in two areas, product development on big data analytic side, as well as, sales department. And effectively, what I saw happening with Thomas and Brainware was the marriage between two things that I love, which is sales and becoming very statistical, very analytical.

What appealed to your about Brainware:

What I love about Brainware, is the different take that you see in the market on how they want people to succeed. They really focus success and risk to be calculated. Brainware is giving people the opportunity to pursue their true nature with their venture and allow the Brainware organization to help where they might be missing certain pieces of the puzzle.

How is it to be a Founder at Brainware:

Being a founder here and a stakeholder in a Brainware company is very unique from the perspective of the Brainware mission. The Brainware mission is about sharing knowledge, sharing lessons in entrepreneurship and sharing the ability to grow rapidly. This relationship has effectively helped Cience to get a head start.

How do you work with other Brainware companies:

The Brainware companies do take this idea of family and helping each other to heart. We realize if we can’t service our sister companies, we might not have a very good marketable, you know, strategic product. And so because of that, I want to say it’s fair statement, we treat all customers equally. So when a family member comes to you, it let’s really peel back the onion here and see what the problem is. And that may not mean I’m dropping everything to build out a new program or to develop or engineer anything any differently. That may mean educating your sister company on a better way to approach things or do things. And so truly, honest feedback, not lip service about your position or their position. That’s the unknown, and that’s what you don’t get a lot from a lot of the other companies, but you do get from Brainware family.



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