What is your name and your role?

My name is Erica Gordon, and I am the CEO and co-founder of Hirebook.

What does Hirebook do?

Hirebook is a recruiting services firm dedicated to the recruitment of entry-level talent. I’m especially interested in the entry-level sector because every business needs to hire entry-level talent on a continuous basis. Either because of natural turnover rate, or the advancement of their own employees. It’s also an incredibly crucial thing to have as the Millennial generation enters the workforce over the next five years.

What did you do before joining Hirebook?

A little bit about my background that’s relevant to my role at Hirebook is that after college I was immediately involved with political lobbying and finance. Unfortunately, during that time, it was the recession, which means a lot of the jobs in that area dried up for us. That was when I got involved in recruiting. I found that the sales skills I had in the previous industries translated seamlessly to recruiting. I was able to call candidates and engage with them and have them see themselves in the job roles that I was hiring for. I also wrote and placed jobs, and eventually came to oversee a recruitment of 150 recruiters across the US.

How did you get involved with Brainware?

I was connected to Brainwear through a mutual colleague of Thomas’ and mine. I was looking for a solution to be able to standardize our recruitment processes over 150 locations. Given Thomas’ strong technology background and relationships, we felt that that might be a mutual partnership.

What appealed to your about Brainware?

Some of the unique things about Brainwear are that you’re able to instantly tap into several fast-growing companies and build relationships quickly with them. I’ve personally benefited from people helping me with the finance, infrastructure, CSM, and technology with no questions asked and nothing but support. For me, personally, the biggest benefit of being a Brainwear co-founder is that I’m able to find mentorship, and a meaningful mentorship at that. It’s really hard when you’re a young CEO of a new company to find people that will not only give you advice, but advice that they stand behind themselves, and they’re personally invested in your own success. That’s one of the biggest things that I’ve found by working with Brainwear.

What are some benefits of being a part of the Brainware family?

Probably the biggest benefit of being a Brainwear company is being able to instantly tap into several rapidly growing start-ups, and utilize their infrastructure, personal know-how, skill sets, and being able to provide a solution to our clients much faster than we would be able to on our own.



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