What is your name and your role?

Hi, I’m Eric Quanstrom. I’m the CMO at Cience. My background is being head of marketing at small or mid-sized companies, generally venture-backed where I’ve brought inbound programs to bear and managed marketing teams of various sizes.

How did you get involved in Cience?

So I came to be involved in Cience when I met Thomas Cornelius and Cience was looking for a head of marketing. They were looking to scale up some of the activities that we were doing and we were really looking to involve our customers in a very genuine, authentic, and really core way. Because, frankly, our business is people as a service and we work on behalf of our clients every single day.

How is it to be a Founder at Brainware?

So I think one of the things that if I were to tell others about Brainware and they were thinking about, essentially, joining any of the companies or potentially even becoming a founder in our model is the concept of ownership. And I think ownership is a word that really captures the spirit of what Brainware is all about. The ownership stakes that happen within Brainware companies are pretty material and they’re very motivating. And I think that those types of pieces of the business produce a lot of different types of thinking on behalf of the founders.

What appealed to your about Brainware?

In a Brainware company, you’re spending 100% of your time worrying about your business, furthering it, getting customers, working on that business all day, every day. Less so, I’ve got a pitch meeting with a VC coming up in 15 minutes and I can’t be talking to a customer right now. How we spend that time and where we focus and prioritize is hugely important to how successful our business ultimately becomes.

How do you work with other Brainware companies?

So the interesting thing to me about being part of Brainware and we throw around the term, sister companies, is that you know that the company that you’re working alongside. And I like to think of it in parallel, is working towards the same end goals that you are. We all look at one another’s businesses in a spirit of, how can I help? How can I further your goals while furthering my own? And, I have yet to experience that in hardly any other business that I’ve worked for in the past.



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