What is your name and your role?

My name’s Casey Griswold. I’m a co-founder and CRO of Armatic Technologies.

What does Armatic do?

Armatic provides, really just a suite of products from sales to finance, and customer success teams that integrates all of their tools together in one platform to help them make better decisions and move businesses forward faster.

How did you get involved in Armatic?

My background’s all in sales leadership, building sales teams, so usually for startups and medium-sized organizations. I got involved with Brainware really just by chance. I was coming off of a successful exit from my last organization, and ended up connecting with my now partners that were working on a problem that I was very passionate about, and I experienced with all of the companies that I had been with previously, specific to cash flow and really just taking what I saw as very manual outdated processes and finding new ways to automate them and streamline them.

What appealed to your about Brainware?

I would say what’s unique about being a Brainware company is the chance to focus just on growing the business. The Brainware approach is very different from other teams I’ve been a part of where it’s really just focused on being a successful, profitable company, and it removes a lot of the typical decision making that I’ve been exposed to at other teams. Being a Brainware co-founder, I’m actually lucky that I have the opportunity just to simply focus on growing my business. I had the unique opportunity to spend a tremendous amount of time with my customers early on to get feedback, which really fed into our product development cycles. So being a Brainware co-founder has really helped accelerate our organization in ways that I wouldn’t be able to on my own.

How is it to be a Founder at Brainware?

I would say some of the unique benefits of being a Brainware co-founder are around really leveraging the knowledge and services of other Brainware organizations. I could reach out to other founders that have been in my situation and have solved problems that I’m experiencing today. And I could also leverage the services that they have for backup support, sales, development, even software development to help my company run more efficiently.



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