What is your name and your role?

My name is Andy Steuer. I’m the CEO and co-founder of Helpware.

What does Helpware do?

At Helpware, we help our clients scale their operation on a cost-effective basis. We tap into a global workforce for our clients so that our clients can find exceptionally talented people along with a structured and managed approach that we provide to our clients.

How did you get involved in Helpware?

I became involved in the Brainware family of companies when Thomas and I got together. He and I are old friends, and we were talking about some of the problems in the operations part of scaling a business, several challenges that companies have building customer support teams or back office teams. He and I both had experiences building some of these remote customer support and back office teams before. I coincidentally had a team in the Philippines and in Kiev at the time, and we ended up scaling Helpware to be able to provide the solutions to our clients.

What appealed to your about Brainware?

Several aspects that are unique about Brainware are that collectively, there’s a unique set of companies by design that touch different parts of the business, any business. For example, starting at the top of the funnel, you’ve got Cience that helps with sales enablement and creating this predictable revenue funnel through setting appointments for salespeople and helping them scale their sales. Once a sale is made, Helpware helps companies scale their operations through customer support and back office tasks. Then you have eTeam, who helps with any kind of software development in any business. You have Armatic, who is focused on taking the entire process from sales “to cash”, so sales all the way through managing your customers in one single place, and then being able to deliver NPS scores at the end of that to be able to see the health of your customers and how that is behaving. So through all of that functionality, we’re able to lean on each other and leverage each other’s best practices that we’ve learned and also leverage a lot of the collective resources that we bring not only to our clients, but we also bring it to ourselves.

How is it to be a Founder at Brainware?

In my role as a Brainware co-founder, we don’t have to go look for venture financing. It’s one of the interesting benefits of what we do as a Brainware company. We’re very focused on building a profitable business. In addition to that, we’re able to share these benefits of how we grow with each other. So there’s a lot of communication that happens within the co-founders within Brainware to be able to share successes with each other. All that turns into an accelerator. So we’re not out there burning our time raising financing. We’re building profitable businesses that are growing quickly. We help each other grow quickly. That’s a big benefit of being part of the Brainware family.



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