What are your name and your role?

Hi, I’m Alex and I’m a co-founder of Helpware, one of the companies of the Brainware family.

What does Helpware do?

Here at Helpware, we provide solutions for startups and to enterprises for back office support. We have a great multinational team of professionals that have a strong expertise in four primary areas: customer support, marketing, accounting, and back office support.

What did you do prior to starting Helpware?

I came to Brainware from the banking industry in which I hold master’s degree and worked for more than five years. I worked with investments in large projects in real estate and E-commerce businesses, which helped me to get relevant experience and develop my entrepreneurial drive.

Why did you start Helpware?

The idea to establish Helpware came about when we realized that as companies scale, they need more help with back office support. We provide a high-quality specialist to our clients that help them scale efficiently.

What is your international team structure?

We’ve been fortunate to grow quickly ourselves, and have found a great model where our sales and customer success teams are located in the U.S., and operations team are in Eastern Europe and Asia. As the Head of Operations, I coordinate work of hundreds of specialists located in different offices across the globe with over 100 happy clients.

What are your goals?

Frankly, it’s quite challenging, but when you hear from your customers how much value we bring to them daily, it encourages you to reach new goals. One of those is to scale Helpware to five thousand employees within the next couple years.

What values does Helpware live by?

Helpware’s motto is, “we’ve got your back.” We are transparent, we take ownership of your business, and we are straight shooters. And it helps us to develop great partnerships with our clients.



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