What is your name and your role?

Hi, my name is Alex, and I’m a Co-Founder of eTeam.

What does eTeam do?

eTeam is an international software development company with offices in San Francisco and Kyiv – that helps businesses to innovate in a modern digital space.

How did you get your start in software development?

I started my career 17 years ago as a system administrator. I quickly switched my focus to become a developer. Since that time, I was involved in numerous projects like creating different platforms, web portals, payment services, automation systems, and a unique API security scanner that we’ve built recently as our own product with eTeam.

What roles did you fill in your career?

Over time, this amazing journey allowed me to be in different shoes, including team leader, project manager, product developer, and now CTO of eTeam.

How did you become a Brainware Founder at eTeam?

I worked with Thomas Cornelius at Adility for 8 years and we built solutions for some of the largest retailers together. After the sale finalized Thomas offerd me to became a Co-Founder of eTeam, a Brainware company where I continue to apply my experience helping our clients to succeed. Finding the best technical solutions, solving complicated problems, brainstorming with our talented engineers, that’s what inspires me.

What challenges are you facing as a Brainware Co-Founder of eTeam?

Staying focused on strategic company goals instead of ongoing operation processes is a tough task. But it became possible due to a unique combination of Brainware member companies and the infrastructure they provide. Mutual support, knowledge sharing, trust and common values, that’s what makes our companies strong and successful.  



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